Advantages of Dental Implants

The advantages of dental implants are that they are fixed in place and do not move. With dental implants, you avoid the potential pain and embarrassment of dentures. There is no slipping or falling out, no restrictions on what you can eat, no wires or plastic on the roof of your mouth, and no messy dental adhesives needed. Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants are fixed into your jaw bone and do not impact other healthy teeth. With a dental bridge, the dentist needs to grind down healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth to support the bridge. Traditional bridges need to be replaced every ten years or so, depending on how well a patient is able to keep the bridge clean and teeth healthy. A dental implant provides stability, and prevents bone loss and atrophy that can result from missing teeth.

Dental implants have a 98% or higher success rate and have proven results. Dr. Ted Fornetti is confident in his success rate with placing dental implants having thousands of satisfied patients over ten years. Dental implants can provide a long-term solution to your dental problems, often lasting a lifetime with proper dental cleanings and home care. Many people report that they have never been so happy with their beautiful smile, and the ability to eat the foods they love again.