Dr. Ted Fornetti

Ted FornettiDr. Ted is a third generation dentist practicing in Iron Mountain.

“Dentistry has been in our family for along time now. My grandfather was a dentist, my father was a dentist, my wife is a dentist, my brother and his wife are dentists, my cousin is a dentist, and I have two uncles that are dentists. That spans from 1948 until the present, that we have been providing to the people in our community.” said Dr. Ted.

Even with many family members involved in the dental profession, Dr. Ted wasn’t positive he wanted to be a dentist himself. During his time at Michigan State University he spent time job shadowing many professions in the medical field. M DentistrySpending time training with his father provided an opportunity to see not only the technical side of the dental field, but also the great interaction that he had with his patients. In 1996 he graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors Degree in Zoology. He entered the University of Michigan School of Dentistry the following fall. While in dental school he continued to work with his father, assisting him in dental implant surgeries whenever he was home from school. In 2000 he graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, and after completing his residency at the Denver VA Medical center, he returned to his friends and family in Michigan in 2001.

Coming back to Michigan gave Ted a chance to continue to work alongside his father and to delve deeper into the field of dental implants. He spent a year taking specialty courses which afforded intense training and certifications in this ever-evolving field. In 2005 Dr. Ted began placing implants in his own practice, and now has become the major focus of his practice. “Implant, soft tissue and bone grafting, and implant procedures are something we do every day” states Dr. Ted. In addition, numerous dentists from all over the upper peninsula, now refer their patients to Dr. Ted for implant care.

“Implant dentistry is continually advancing with new technologies, and procedures that are aimed at reducing cost, providing better esthetic results, and reducing treatment time. My team and I spend a great deal of time staying at the forefront of these new practices so we can provide cutting edge technology right here in Iron Mountain, Michigan” says Dr. Ted. “CT technology, computer aided surgical planning, Teeth In A Day, Mini Implants, Teeth Xpress are many of the implant procedures that people may know about, that we have been providing for years. Keeping myself educated and trained in new procedures, and equipping our center with advanced technologies, allows me to give my patients great results.”

Dr. Ted Fornetti has been helping his patients in western Michigan and northern Wisconsin for over 14 years. He continues to work at staying at the forefront of dental technology, and providing his patients with a pain and anxiety free experience.