Digital X-Rays & Computer Smile Imaging

Dr. Ted has used digital x-ray technology since 2002.

Digital x-rays offer significant advantages over conventional film in a number of respects.

By using digital x-rays, the level of radiation to the patient is greatly reduced, and the quality of the image can be enhanced by changing the brightness, contrast, and density. Xray-2This provides a more easily readable image for detecting early decay and other abnormalities. Preventative care and early detection are the keys to good oral health.

The Michigan Department of Radiation Safety inspects our equipment every three years.  They measure the radiation from our x-ray units to ensure it falls below the maximum allowable by state law. At our most recent inspection, the examiner reported that the levels in our office were so low that they were not detectable by his measuring equipment.

Computer Smile Imaging

Thanks to advances in computer technology it is now possible to view “after” images of your teeth before the cosmetic treatment begins. The technique is called computer smile imaging.  It will allow you to see what you will look like, quickly and pain-free! See example below (click image to enlarge);

Digital radiographs and computer smile imaging are just a few more modalities we have purchased to provide you with optimum dental care.